We'll help you on your way.

Who We Are

We are problem solvers.

We generally partner with entrepreneurs and their investors or mid-market executives and their equity partners in the United States.

Our tools are simple; we listen, learn and then use deep technology and management expertise to help cut costs, increase productivity, produce actionable organizational intelligence and create new revenue streams.

All of this leads to the creation of value.

Last but not least, and not to be underestimated, we work.

What We Do

We embrace your challenges, aspirations and needs; adding our ability, insight and effort to get things done.

"Second Opinion" Research

You are a CEO at a small or mid-sized business; or a non-technical founder of a startup. Your CIO/CTO/'Product Person' wants to pursue a particular IT strategy: for your company or a particular domain (security and compliance, marketing automation, API development and management, DevOps, etc.).

You must educate yourself before saying 'Yes' to requests to expend time, effort and money. Über will execute independent research and distill our findings in a succinct, yet informative brief for you.

Be trusting ... but be knowledgeable.

Product Roadmap

Your product road map should be a plan that matches short and long-term product goals with specific technology solutions to help meet those goals.

Our road-mapping is the exercise of building a product road map (in the context of your IT activity road map and overall corporate activity road map). We can produce road maps that can apply to new products or services or existing offerings.

IT Activity Roadmap

Your annual IT activity road map should be a derivative of your corporate strategic road map – that is, you should not produce it in a vacuum.

We eschew the phrase IT strategic plan as we are not just creating a good document (which does have value in and of itself), rather we are actually going to, in the words of Elbert Hubbard "…do the thing."

IT Assessments

For existing small or medium sized businesses, Über will provide a quick assessment of your status. Are you good enough to go public in the next 90 days or do you need a lot of improvement, even for a small or medium sized business (SMB)?

In a few days of effort we'll ask a lot of questions and then render a verdict. Use this quick assessment to drive your activity and product road maps for next year and beyond.

M&A Work

Due Diligence

After you've successfully navigated a Letter of Intent you'll need to vet the organization you have targeted for the acquisition; we can perform the IT due diligence tranche.

Integration Planning

And as you are negotiating the closing deal you'll start preparation for ingesting that organization: IT / Products / People / Operation(s). Our IT due diligence analysis will naturally serve as the foundation for each of these integration plans, and we'll be right there with you to help you realize the lift this new acquisition should bring.

Consulting COO, CIO, CTO

You may need more than a project, rather, you need leadership for an extended (but not permanent) period.

Über can provide that leadership.